Introducing the first vet-recommended, direct-fed microbial gel specifically formulated for nursing foals.

Improving a foal’s health may be as simple as combining new GlycoGuard® with the mare’s milk. GlycoGuard® is an oral activated microbial gel, containing the direct fed microbials B. infantis and L. plantarum. GlycoGuard® can help give vulnerable nursing foals the intestinal support they need for a great start in life.

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Success Story

Success Story

"...I continue to use GlycoGuard monthly – feeding a tube as needed before a big race or a stressful situation. In fact, I fed GlycoGuard to all four of the horses I had competing in the 2019 Breeders’ Cup...

Bob Baffert
Owner, Bob Baffert Racing Stables

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Supporting a Healthy Gut

Supporting a Healthy Gut

For the first time, remodeling of the foal gut microbiome, through increased levels of bifidobacteria, has been demonstrated with probiotic supplementation. Upon administering GlycoGuard® immediately after birth, and twice daily for first four days of life, the absolute levels of fecal Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis significantly increase. Fecal B. infantis levels remain elevated up to 14 days, during a very vulnerable time from birth to weaning.

Ingredients for a Healthy Gut in Nursing Foals

Ingredients for a Healthy Gut in Nursing Foals

Microorganisms, such as B.infantis, are adapted to efficiently consume the complex carbohydrates found in mare’s milk, and in turn produce important short-chain fatty acids necessary for gut health. Intestinal colonization by other types of bacteria result in inefficient and incomplete utilization of these carbohydrates. This intestinal dysbiosis results in the inability of foals to receive the maximum benefit from the mare’s milk.

GlycoGuard™ Features

  • Unlock Nutrients

    The bacteria in GlycoGuard™ break down complex carbohydrates found in mare’s milk

  • Releases Short-Chain Fatty Acids

    Bacterial metabolism of these carbohydrates results in increased intestinal short-chain fatty acid production in nursing foals

  • Colonizes the Intestine

    Rapid colonization of the gut by B. infantis

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