GlycoGuard is a specially formulated direct-fed microbial used by veterinarians, trainers and horse owners to support digestion and a healthy gastrointestinal system.

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GlycoGuard for your Foal

GlycoGuard for your Equine Athlete


"I've been hearing nothing but great things about GlycoGuard from fellow trainers and wanted to try a drug free solution for supporting gastrointestinal health in our own horses. Since being on GlycoGuard , our horses have been happier, healthier, and showing at peak performance. I couldn’t be happier!"

Cade McCutcheon
McCutcheon Reigning Horses

"Although the importance of the gut microbiome in animal health is becoming increasingly clear, I’d just never seen any previously available product lead to true changes in the gut microflora. However, I have now used GlycoGuard clinically on multiple occasions to manage nursing foals with moderate to severe diarrhea, and it has really changed my mind on the impact an activated probiotic can have on stabilizing the intestinal microbiome of foals from the first day of life.."

Dr. Monica Aleman, MZV, PhD
Associate Professor
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

"The Lazy E Ranch foals out 300 mares a year, so we see a number of typical foal conditions. Diarrhea is one condition that can have numerous causes. Ultimately, it’s essential for these to be treated and controlled quickly to avoid serious complications. GlycoGuard was the main component of our treatment protocol this year when a case of diarrhea needed treatment. By using GlycoGuard, we were able to quickly and effectively manage diarrhea in our foals and prevent anything from becoming more serious."

Dr. David A. Stone, DVM
Lazy E Ranch