GlycoGuard for Foals

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1-Syringe (8 Servings)

Oral activated microbial gel to support equine intestinal health in foals.

Feeding Recommendations: One serving is 10 cc (10g). Serve 10 cc orally at birth and every 12 hours for first 4 days (8 servings total).

Weaning to Adult: One serving is 20 cc (20 g). Turn dial to appropriate marking. Insert into mouth, depress plunger until stops.

Serve 20 cc orally twice a day for two consecutive days, every other week in the first month (8 servings total). After the first month, serve 20 cc orally twice a day for two consecutive days once per month (4 servings total).

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GlycoGuard is an activated form of B. infantis and L. plantarum, beneficial bacteria that work in combination with mare's milk to stabilize the newborn foal gut. It is the only probiotic clinically proven to effectively colonize and stabilize the foal's large intestine.

B. infantis and L. plantarum work together in a three-part action:

  1. Consume complex carbohydrates found in equine milk
  2. Produce short chain fatty acids which help provide extra energy for the foal
  3. Support a healthy gut epithelium, the layer of cells that form the surface lining of the small and large intestine in the gastrointestinal tract

One serving is 10cc (100.5g). Turn dial to appropriate marking. Insert into foal's mouth and depress plunger until it stops. Feed 10cc orally at birth and every 12 hours for 4 consecutive days for a total of 8 feedings.

GlycoGuard improves gut barrier function by increasing beneficial intestinal short-chain fatty acid production in nursing foals.

Colonizes the Intestine
Beneficial bacteria in GlycoGuard rapidly colonize and stabilize the nursing foals's gut, resulting in better intestinal health during the vulnerable first few weeks of life.

Unlocks Nutrients in Mare's Milk
The bacteria in GlycoGuard break down the complex carbohydrates found in mare's milk that are difficult to digest, allowing foals to receive the maximum nutrition.

Releases Short-Chain Fatty Acids
Bacterial metabolism promotes increased intestinal short-chain fatty acid production necessary for gut health in nursing foals.


Veterinary recommended. Clinically proven.

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Shannon F.
United States

Awesome product!!!

My vet dr brian garrett had me use this. I had a very sick baby with colitis. And this really helped get her on track. I will keep this on hand from now on!!!

Susan L.
United States United States

Essential for new foals!

Fast, efficient service and a great product

Lisa G.
United States United States

Great product

My show mare has done great so far on Glycogard. She has been under heavy training and gas ulcer issues in the past and we have not had any flair ups since using Glycogard!

Laurie M.
United States United States

Product review

I have a very good experience with this company. I started using on a gelding that just wasn’t as shiny and good weight as he should be. Worked wonderful. Unfortunately I ended up selling him so I can’t say I saw a long term effect. But one month in I notice a big improvement in his coat and weight.

Tina B.
United States United States

Bond Review

Product and service is awesome.