"I am amazed with the results GlycoGuard has shown me! My horses are quieter and more trainable! They are just simply more comfortable than they were before using the product! GlycoGuard has given me an edge to the performance world! I have also used GlycoGuard on a foal that lost its mother at 3 months old. The foal was stressed and not wanting to eat , after a couple days on GlycoGuard the foal started eating and stopped fretting!"

Bob Avila
Horse Trainer/Owner
Bob Avila Training Stables

"We are continuing to uncover the importance and impact of the microbiome on the overall health of the horse in veterinary medicine. It affects development, nutrition, and immunity which are critical for all areas of performance. After seeing the positive difference GlycoGuard made in our nursing foals, we decided to start using it on our adult horses with GI disturbances and in conjunction with antibiotic treatment (at the dosage recommended by GlycoGuard experts). We have been pleased with the results so far! Starting GlycoGuard has resulted in quicker resolution of clinical signs and less antibiotic use overall, which is great for both the horses and our clients! We are looking forward to using it on more cases this year and are excited to see the results!"

Carly E. Turner Garcia, DVM, DipACT
Head Veterinarian, Lazy E Ranch
Guthrie, OK

"Thank you so much for introducing me to GlycoGuard . I have a 3y/old thoroughbred gelding race horse which came down with a pretty big ulcer problem. We did pretty extensive vet analysis on his blood work and stool. The vets came up with no real solution to his bad diarrhea, so we administered GlycoGuard , as suggested, and within the next week we saw a quick improvement. Now, almost a month later, he is totally back to normal and very happy. I will definitely be recommending GlycoGuard to all my horse friends."

Andrew Collins                  
Trainer, Owner
British Columbia, Canada

"GlycoGuard got us through a particularly difficult foaling season, giving my foals the gut protection they needed to recover quickly from a bug that was going around. I use GlycoGuard as the first tool in my belt for all my foals as soon as they are born, to provide me and the horse owners peace of mind during those chaotic first few weeks!"

Ellen Jackson
Owner, Victory Rose Thoroughbreds
Vacaville, CA

"GlycoGuard is a time saver, a money saver and a life saver. Over the past couple of years we’ve had a problem with neonatal foal diarrhea, specifically some cases of C. diff. Some of the diarrhea was serious enough to require hospitalization of the foal. This year, every single foal received a tube of GlycoGuard beginning at birth and we did not have a single case of diarrhea. Most of the foals didn’t even show foal heat diarrhea. I’ve told every breeder I know to try it – it’s been a game changer for us. We will have GlycoGuard in stock for every foaling season!"

Ronda Stavisky, PhD
Rising Star Farm

"My foall born septic, received GlycoGuard and appropriate antiptics, is 12 days oldnow and doing great! I hae been using GlycoGuard this foaling season, as part of routine care of our newborn folas and also to support intestinal health in the recovery of sick foals. I am a strong supporter of the product and recommend it to my clients and we are loving the results."

Dr. Cassy Mahoney
Farmview Vertinary Services

"We used GlycoGuard as a preventative measure for our filly at three months of age to help boost her immune system. We were so excited to find out that she loved the taste and wanted more!"

Miriam Offermanns
Owner and Trainer
Milym Equestrian LLC
Atlanta, GA

"This past foaling season we tried a new product, GlycoGuard, on our newborn foals. While we currently did not have a diarrhea problem the reviews intrigued me, so we used GlycoGuard on all newborns following recommended doses and had reduced incidence of foal heat diarrhea and reduced foal illnesses and overall happy healthier foals. We'll be using GlycoGuard this foaling season!!!"

Susan Green                    
Woodbridge Farm, LLC
Oakdale, CA

"We had two yearlings out together eating the exact same thing. One of them looked great, and the other had obvious digestion issues. The one with digestion issues had a pot belly but t you could see his ribs. His neck was thin and his butt flat. His manure was runny and his coat dull. I felt he needed some help!

We gave him two tubes of GlycoGuard and waited. We started to notice subtle changes over the next month. His manure became normal, and his pot belly started to go away. Then he started to actually gain weight in all the right places. Four months later we were all shocked when we took a picture of him and compared it to the picture we took the day before we started the GlycoGuard! Absolutely amazing difference! I am a believer! All of my foals will be getting GlycoGuard next year! Thank you for making a great product!"

Maggie Fullington                    
Marabet Farm                    
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"GlycoGuard is an amazing product. Had an older mare who had no other symptoms other than having diarrhea. I got a tube of GlycoGuard and after the first 2 doses it was already making a difference, her poop was slowly becoming more firm. At 2 days after finishing treatment was back to pooping regularly and has continued to stay normal! It truly helps the gut to get right!"

Kimberly Cummings                    
Paterson Veterinary
Ocala, FL

"I used GlycoGuard for a month old colt who’d gotten very loose stool/diarrhea and was starting to feel very poorly. Biosponge and PeptoBismuth didn’t particularly help him. On reading the scientific literature of GlycoGuard in horses and the similar product in babies, I was willing to try. After one dose the colt started to perk up, after 3 doses all diarrhea was eliminated. He received the full 8 doses and never looked back. The product was amazingly helpful."

Kris Schuler                    
Edgewood Meadow Farm                    
Fleetwood, PA

"I first used GlycoGuard during my internship on multiple C. Diff cases at a Tb breeding barn. It was there that I realized how well this product worked. I brought it with me into general practice...I am a strong believer in this product, and I am amazed at the results. Read more...

Dr. Kate Whitsel                    
Martin Veterinary Services
Peltzer, SC

"I've been hearing nothing but great things about GlycoGuard from fellow trainers and wanted to try a drug free solution for supporting gastrointestinal health in our own horses. Since being on GlycoGuard , our horses have been happier, healthier, and showing at peak performance. I couldn’t be happier!"

Cade McCutcheon
McCutcheon Reining Horses

"For the past 4 years Allerage Farm has been using Glycogard. We truly love the product and give it to all our newborn foals. We have found that our babies have a much happier and healthier gut. We raise our future racehorses with Glycogard!"

Ashleigh Bennett
Farm Manager
Allerage Farm

"Since putting all of our training horses on Glycoguard, they look and feel great. I have noticed a significant difference in their ability to maintain their weight during training and travel and their hair coats stay slick and shiny. I highly recommend this product. Our horses love it. I've been hearing nothing but great things about GlycoGuard from fellow trainers and wanted to try a drug-free solution to support our own horses' gastrointestinal health. Since being on GlycoGuard , our horses have been happier, healthier, and showing at peak performance. I couldn't be happier!"

Tracer Gilson
Gilson Performance Horses

"Glycoguard has been a very valuable product to help our breeding and young stock rearing program. We have found it helps foals stop scouring and boost yearlings' weight gain and overall health when preparing them for sales.

We have also found a significant benefit for our competition horses when they are put under stress and attend shows over long periods of time. Glycoguard helps the competition horses avoid suffering from and prevent ulcers, which is an ever-present problem and keeps their digestion system in top shape, reflecting how they look and behave.

We fully endorse this product and encourage horse owners and breeders to use it and enjoy the benefits."

Sean Pully
Ranch Manager
Sterling Ranch