AAEP 2017: GlycoGuard Supports Intestinal Health in Nursing Foals

At AAEP 2017, Dr. Steve Frese (Evolve BioSystems, Inc.) shares the scientific background and exciting clinical results of providing GlycoGuard to newborn foals during a presumed C. difficile outbreak. GlycoGuard is the leading oral microbial gel specifically designed for use in nursing foals to support intestinal health.

  • The Problem : C. diff outbreak in newborn foals (00:00-4:43
  • Designing the Solution: Mare’s milk and the foal gut microbiome ( Jump to: 4:44-8:28
  • Putting GlycoGuard to the Test: Study results following foal probiotic administration ( Jump: 8:29-14:02
  • Conclusions and Discussion: Use of GlycoGuard in practice and future clinical studies ( Jump to: 14:03-18:45)

The Milk Microbiome Connection

By: Tracy Shafizadeh, PhD
Director of Scientific Communications, Evolve BioSystems

As microbiome research and development continues to grow, a specific focus on establishing the newborn gut microbiome may be key to long term health across various mammalian species.

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