Gastrointestinal Issues?

Training, travel, competition. It's a lot of stress for your equine athlete.

Trainers and veterinarians know that maintaining gastrointestinal health is key to peak performance. That’s why they recommend feeding GlycoGuard with its unique formulation of 280 Billion CFU of B. longum ssp. infantis and L. plantarum to support a healthy GI system.

Trainers & Owners


We run with the best of them!

Bob Baffert uses GlycoGuard with his prize winning racing horses.

"After a small trial of (GlycoGuard) on one of my troubled and hard keepers, I liked what I was seeing. The horse seemed to be happier, have a better hair coat, was digesting his feed better and seemed to have an altogether better attitude and gut. So, I continue to use GlycoGuard monthly – feeding a tube as needed before a big race or a stressful situation. In fact, I fed GlycoGuard to all four of the horses I had competing in the 2019 Breeders’ Cup."

Bob Baffert, American Horse Trainer/Owner
Bob Baffert Racing Stables


Bob Avila uses GlycoGuard to get the winning edge.

I am amazed with the results GlycoGuard has shown me! My horses are quieter and more trainable! They are just simply more comfortable than they were before using the product! GlycoGuard has given me an edge to the performance world! I have also used GlycoGuard on a foal that lost its mother at 3 months old. The foal was stressed and not wanting to eat , after a couple days on GlycoGuard the foal started eating and stopped fretting!

Bob Avila, Horse Trainer/Owner
Bob Avila Training Stables


GlycoGuard's Winning Formula

At 280 Billion CFU per serving, GlycoGuard delivers more beneficial bacteria than the competition.100% drug free The unique combination of B. infantis and L. plantarum is designed to improve the balance of healthy microbes in your horse’s gut and promote the production of important short-chain fatty acids necessary for gut health.

GlycoGuard is a direct-fed microbial and is 100% drug free and safe for competition.



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